Safety in Multi-Agent Systems

PIs: Anita Raja

Collaborators: Shelly Xiaoqin Zhang (UMass Dartmouth), Mike Barley (Univ of Auckland)

RAs: Paul Abernathy

Conservative design is the ability of an individual agent to ensure predictability of its overall performance even if some its actions and interactions may be inherently less predictable or  even completely unpredictable. We study the importance of conservative design in cooperative multi-agent systems and briefly characterize the challenges that need to be addressed to achieve this goal.

Anita Raja, Michael Barley and Shelley Xiaoqin Zhang Towards Safe Coordination in MultiAgent Systems To appear in LNAI Hot Topics Safety and Security in Multiagent systems: The Early Years, pp: 1-7, volume 4324, editors: M. Barley, H. Mouratidis, A. Unruh , D. Spears, P. Scerri, F. Massacci, 2008.